Twilight watercolor painting

I was wanting to paint today, and realized that I only had one picture of the main female character from my novel. Gryphon Legend. So, I decided to do a painting of Twilight.

Twilight has unusual colored plumage for a gryphon (most gryphons have natural, raptor-like colored plumage) because she was not born a gryphon. Born human, she was kidnapped as a child and mutated by a rogue mage who made her more gryphon than human. While she still has a human form, she prefers to remain as a gryphon after joining Keshaar and his flock.



About lvadams

I grew up in Central Florida for most of my life. I was one of those strange kids who liked to catch lizards and snakes, and brought everything home from stray kittens to baby chickens and ducks. I started writing around the age of 11 and never really stopped. I now have a Bachelor's of Science degree from Auburn University and hope to get a job working with animals. Until then I keep on writing. :)
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