It’s Quiet…too Quiet.

Sorry. I’m sure some of you have been wondering where I’ve disappeared to…and I’m sure there are some more who haven’t even noticed (wait, who are you? Where am I?).

To make a long story short, I’ve been busy. Busy? Doing what? What could be more important that writing?

When I was 9 I went to a renaissance faire with my mom. This wasn’t entirely unusual, as we went to then almost year year. But this year in particular, was life-changing.

At the time I was a bird fanatic. I went bird watching all the time, dreamed of an expensive pair of Nikon binoculars, and planned to be either an ornithologist or an avian veterinarian.

So when I saw the folks in garb with majestic hawks, falcons and eagles at the ren faire, I was hooked. I instantly demanded information, in that charming (annoying) 9-year-old fashion.

So they told me they were falconers, and when I seemed fascinated and determined to be one too, they handed me an info packet on falconry.

Ever since then, I was obsessed. I couldn’t be 14 fast enough (the minimum age to apprentice). I knew the level of commitment required and was willing to give it my all. Even the expenses didn’t deter me.

Sadly, by the time I was 14 I had recently lost my mother and was living in an unstable environment. So falconry took a back seat. It remained in that backseat, patiently, oh so patiently, until one day recently.

I had never forgotten about falconry, but come to the understanding that it would be years before I could fly a bird. However, at the risk of getting my hopes up, I met with some local falconers and got to talking.

To my delight I was informed that my porch would be big enough to house a bird. I couldn’t believe it!! So I moved on to the next two steps: buying equipment and studying for the exam.

Becoming an apprentice in falconry is harder than it seems. You have to study hard and pass a state given exam (which is where I am currently. Thank goodness for coffee 😀 ) then you have to build housing, get all the required equipment, and convince a master or general level falconer that you are worthy (not clinically insane) enough to be taken on as an apprentice. Only after two years of falconry at the apprentice level do you finally get your general license.

So that’s why the quiet folks. I’ve been busy eating, breathing and sleeping falconry. Hopefully once I take my exam (Oct. 24th) I will be able to offer up some more delightful blog posts on the world of writing. And maybe some more animal stuff too.

Until then!

To learn more about falconry see:

To learn more about falconry in Florida visit:


About lvadams

I grew up in Central Florida for most of my life. I was one of those strange kids who liked to catch lizards and snakes, and brought everything home from stray kittens to baby chickens and ducks. I started writing around the age of 11 and never really stopped. I now have a Bachelor's of Science degree from Auburn University and hope to get a job working with animals. Until then I keep on writing. :)
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