Still Writing

Well fellow minions! We have made it past the 50k word mark. This is “nearing the end for me” as it’s the word count you need to finish NaNo, and I measure all my books in comparison to that.

Not that this is a NaNo novel. Not really. Okay, well…sorta. This novel was started back when I was 11 or 12 years old. About the same age as our protagonist, Ariana McGregor. It was inspired by a real life snowy egret, who is featured in chapter one (though the actual bird can’t talk, sorry).

All I managed to write of “The Feather” back then was the first chapter, but the ideas never left, and I sat down again last year for Camp NaNo to continue the story. Sadly that didn’t work out too well. I got about 20k words, and quit. So I tried again for both Camp NaNos this year. And didn’t even get a word written. FAIL.

But now, now I’m writing again. I was writing again before it was NaNo, and I’m not even competing and yet I am still able to write.


I don’t think you guys really get how exciting this is.  Nine might just get it, with his insanely enthusiastic facial expression.  Maybe.

Seriously though.  This means I can actually write, and not just for NaNo, but anytime I darn well choose to write.  I’m writing with no strings attached, I could stop at any time, but I’m not.  Finally!  I think I’m finally learning what it means to write ALL the time, not just one month out of the year.  It’s exhausting and it’s hard work.  But it will be worth it in the end.


About lvadams

I grew up in Central Florida for most of my life. I was one of those strange kids who liked to catch lizards and snakes, and brought everything home from stray kittens to baby chickens and ducks. I started writing around the age of 11 and never really stopped. I now have a Bachelor's of Science degree from Auburn University and hope to get a job working with animals. Until then I keep on writing. :)
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