A Piece of Sky (Book Review)

Earlier I mentioned Ann Hunter’s The Subtle Beauty (review), a wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

With gryphons.

I will say right off the bat, for those of you who read my Subtle Beauty review, I didn’t have any of the initial confusion I did with Hunter’s previous book.

A Piece of Sky tells the tale of an acorn that falls from the sky and lands on the unsuspecting head of a chicken.

Who then gains the power to see auras.

u73_140704100857_a_piece_of_skyNot your typical retelling of Chicken Little, this fable will keep you laughing and smiling the whole way through. It’s packed with chickens, fae, ents and guess what…


*cough* I know, I know. I really have issues…anyway….

A Piece of Sky tells the story of Rós, the little hen who finds a piece of sky (the acorn) which is more than just an ordinary acorn, but an acorn with the power to change the entire world. As you follow Rós and little Sky (the acorn) on their adventure you’ll meet many inhabitants of their world, some who mean harm, and some who wish to help.  You’ll learn more about little Sky’s potential, as well as the battle that rages in an effort to change the world.

Here is a little blurb I found that may sum up the book better than I did:

When a magic acorn falls on Rós’s head and changes how she sees the entire world, she believes the sky is falling. She seeks the advice of her farmyard friends, only to be sent on a quest of a lifetime. Many factions are in play and lives are at stake when she learns that an even greater evil is lurking than just the Ents in the woods. Can one little red hen save the world? In this twist on the classic tale of Chicken Little, no one is too small to make a difference.

This story is short, only about 120 pages I believe, and therefor a fantastic read for people with short attention spans! It’s also incredibly entertaining, and I really enjoyed it. Heck, there’s even a message, or moral to the story.

Ann Hunter blends fae and celtic mythos with modern day fables in a seamless fashion. She has mastered the art of retelling fables and I look forward to reading more of her books.

I really don’t know what else to say about this book, other than I totally loved it, and I’d recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

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And for more books by Ann Hunter, check out her Amazon page here:


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