Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua 2015

Hi all!

I’m posting this for a friend of mine, who is trying to get help on a project.  Tasha is a remarkable young girl who is using crowdrise to raise funds for a high school in Nicaragua.

Hi! My name is Anastasia Petrik, but I usually go by Tasha. I’m a senior in high school, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have the educational opportunities I have had. I have been able to take not only high school classes, but also college classes at different universities. This access to education has been instrumental in my personal development. Sadly, not everyone has this access. San Juan del Sur’s Free High School provides free education to those who are otherwise unable to attend school. Unfortunately, their current campus is less than ideal, and often prevents progress academically and socially. I am fundraising for Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua because I want to afford others the opportunities that made me who I am. Please help me, either by donating or by spreading the word. Thank you so much.


In Nicaragua, being born in a rural community often precludes access to high school education and all the opportunities in life that come with it, especially for women. Many rural families practice subsistence farming and do not generate enough income to meet their basic needs even excluding education. These and other individuals such as women who are pregnant or have children, anyone over 18, and people who must work during weekdays are excluded from regular schools.

The Free High School of San Juan del Sur gives these students a chance at secondary education and a better life. In 2012, Random Acts fundraised to help them purchase a bus. Now, we are taking on a much bigger dream: a Center for Human Development which will serve as a campus for the Free High School. Without their own campus, the Free High School students are second class citizens in the eyes of the state, their community, and even themselves. These older adolescents and adults squeeze themselves into elementary school desks and chairs every Saturday, they have very little access to a computer lab that’s far away, and they are treated as lower class students; the discountable.

It’s time to give these deserving students a beautiful campus of their own, complete with a library and a computer lab. Doing so not only gives the school a home, but also teaches the students – some for the first time in their lives – that they are equal to their peers, and valued citizens of the world.

Please join us in turning this dream into reality!

The first 25 people who raise $5,000 on this Crowdrise page between now and July 31st, along with one lucky drawing winner, will be able to join Misha Collins* and the Random Acts team on the trip of a lifetime to San Juan del Sur this November 20-28. Click the “Fundraise for this Campaign” button to get started!

For more details about the Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua project, including requirements for joining the trip, please visit our Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua website.

If you’re interested in helping Tasha out, please check out the crowdrise page here: https://www.crowdrise.com/d2a-nicaragua2015/fundraiser/anastasiapetrik


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