A Shard of Sun (Book Review)

Hey fellow readers!

I’ve been waiting to review this for what feels like waaay too long.

Introducing Book 3 of the Song of the Summer King chronicles, by Jess Owen.


First off, I want to take a moment to appreciate the once more out-of-this-world cover art done by Jennifer Miller.

It’s really, really fantastic. *drools*

Okay, on with the review.

I am writing this review in return for an ARC copy that Jess Owen was kind enough to send me. There will be no spoilers in this review, but probably much raving because, lets face it, I really LOVE these books.

A Shard of Sun picks up not long after Skyfire ends, with Shard now having to raise the young Sunland dragon Hikaru as well as preform his “duties” as the Summer King. I say “duties” but mostly it’s Shard’s quest to discover answers to the questions that both the previous books left us with. What is the real story behind the dragons? And Kjar? And the Aesir?

And most importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO STIGR?!?!?!

A Shard of Sun will resist answering all of these right away, building tension and angst until I was basically eating my own fingernails.

Who am I kidding? That happens a lot.

But still!  I could not stop, could not resist Owen’s page turning masterpiece as I awaited the answers to all the things I did not know.

The pacing in this novel is incredible. It’s edge-of-your-seat riveting, but not exhausting. Even the “uneventful” moments where nothing big happens, are not boring.

Jess Owen has truly honed her craft and, if possible, made writing even more of an art form than it already was. I eagerly await the last book, book 4, and anything else she desires to write. I would also recommend this book to anyone.

Again. Who am I kidding? I’ve spammed by facebook friends, coworkers, and harassed random strangers on the street.

Buy and read these books!!!  You’re missing out on a world of adventure and a truly wondrous story if you don’t.

Check out the book here, on amazon: A Shard of Sun

And Books 1: Song of the Summer King

And two: Skyfire

And Jess Owen’s webpage: http://jessowen.com/

She’s also on facebook, wheee: https://www.facebook.com/authorjessowen?fref=ts


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