Hey Friends!

To make it easier for me to keep up with everything including blog posts, I will be consolidating all my writing and art to one webpage.

If you wish to continue receiving updates or reading blogs, please follow me over to:

Thanks friends! I hope to see you all there!


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Hey readers!

Sorry it’s been so long. School is keeping me crazy busy lately.

I’ve also been able to pursue one of my life long dreams: falconry.

I’ve started a blog where I’m writing up my experiences. I know, lol, another blog.

I am hoping to turn this one into a book at some point though. So feel free to check it out! You can follow it through email or WordPress.

HawkFeathers Falconry

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Art Blog

Just a friendly reminder that I started a blog on my new art website/portfolio. Please go check it out. I will try to post more regularly both here and there now that one of my big time sinks is out of the way.

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2D and 3D art

Hello friends!

I wanted to share with you all my new website! This is my official 2D and 3D art website, so if you’re looking for a freelance artists this is the place to check out.

Note: my 2D art has recently undergone a major change in style and the images in the gallery do not accurately represent what I can currently do. I will be updating that with my newest piece once a competition in July has ended.

Anyway, please go check it out!

lindsayvadams 2D and 3D art

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A Shard of Sun (Book Review)

Hey fellow readers!

I’ve been waiting to review this for what feels like waaay too long.

Introducing Book 3 of the Song of the Summer King chronicles, by Jess Owen.


First off, I want to take a moment to appreciate the once more out-of-this-world cover art done by Jennifer Miller.

It’s really, really fantastic. *drools*

Okay, on with the review.

I am writing this review in return for an ARC copy that Jess Owen was kind enough to send me. There will be no spoilers in this review, but probably much raving because, lets face it, I really LOVE these books.

A Shard of Sun picks up not long after Skyfire ends, with Shard now having to raise the young Sunland dragon Hikaru as well as preform his “duties” as the Summer King. I say “duties” but mostly it’s Shard’s quest to discover answers to the questions that both the previous books left us with. What is the real story behind the dragons? And Kjar? And the Aesir?

And most importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO STIGR?!?!?!

A Shard of Sun will resist answering all of these right away, building tension and angst until I was basically eating my own fingernails.

Who am I kidding? That happens a lot.

But still!  I could not stop, could not resist Owen’s page turning masterpiece as I awaited the answers to all the things I did not know.

The pacing in this novel is incredible. It’s edge-of-your-seat riveting, but not exhausting. Even the “uneventful” moments where nothing big happens, are not boring.

Jess Owen has truly honed her craft and, if possible, made writing even more of an art form than it already was. I eagerly await the last book, book 4, and anything else she desires to write. I would also recommend this book to anyone.

Again. Who am I kidding? I’ve spammed by facebook friends, coworkers, and harassed random strangers on the street.

Buy and read these books!!!  You’re missing out on a world of adventure and a truly wondrous story if you don’t.

Check out the book here, on amazon: A Shard of Sun

And Books 1: Song of the Summer King

And two: Skyfire

And Jess Owen’s webpage:

She’s also on facebook, wheee:

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Trueblood’s Plight (Book Reivew)

So I was up one night, browsing amazon for some good gryphon books, and I came upon Trueblood’s Plight, by E. S. Lark.


This book was obviously self published, but I’ve seen some great success with that lately (namely Jess Owen’s Song of the Summer King series) so I decided to give this one a read.

Here is the summary, which I pulled off of Goodreads:

Thirty years have passed since the clan’s flight from Tesmar, their beloved gryphon city. Three decades spent searching for safer shores, a place to repopulate and for some, to bury the truth of an age-old prophecy.

Until now.

Ava always knew she was different, from her pale plumage to her silver eyes, but being a Trueblood—a giphen who can use all forms of magic—takes ‘special’ to a whole new level. With overprotective elders and the enemy advancing from the north, Ava struggles to balance her time on and off the battlefield.

But when numerous attempts are made on her life—an attack on the clan, a rift storm and a mage controlling the minds of her friends from afar—Ava fears there’s another just like her, weakened and magic starved, who’ll stop at nothing to use her powers as his own. She’ll have to hone her skills and exhaust her reserves close to death if she’s to go against him, even if it means forming a dangerous alliance with her enemy

Let me start off by saying that this book is VERY reminiscent of Mercedes Lackey. I don’t think this is an issue per se. For starters, the story and plot are very different. But at the same time, I’d be willing to bet money that this author has read The Black Gryphon. There are many elements that are highly similar.

I too grew up reading Lackey. I think any gryphon fan has probably at least heard of her books, it not read them. So it makes sense that she would seep into our work somehow. I’ve been working very hard to keep that from happening in my own writing, because while I love Mercedes Lackey, I want my story to be my own.

Continuing on, I think this novel really shines in its plot and storyline. While you can tell she read Lackey, Trueblood’s Plight is still very different from any Lackey book. E.S. Lark brings us a new race, giphens, which are basically small gryphons that are more dexterous with their hands, and can preform magic.

She brings us prophecy, and war, and strange new creatures.

On the story and plot alone, this book is nothing short of fantastic.

However, this novel does have some serious short comings that ruined my ability to get into the story as much as I would like. For one, there are little to no solid descriptions of the different races, so I spent most of the time not having a solid idea of what the creature looks like (the mage which is believed to be the main antagonist throughout the story is never fully described). Mercedes Lackey did this all the time with the races that got only a couple of lines of mention and it frustrated me to no end!

The writing is also confusing, and I think with another run past an editor this book would really shine.

The story is written in 3rd person from the view point of the main character. However, things are kept from the reader, that the character would know. The character will also think about doing something, but never clarify that they are doing said action until pages later.

So Ava the giphen may think about flying to a friend’s aerie, but she also thinks that she shouldn’t. You are left thinking that she chose to go home, only to find out paragraphs later, that she did indeed go to her friend’s. There needs to be a conclusion to the decision, so that the reader can understand what the character is thinking. This happens several times, and I was left terribly confused. Characters will talk about the idea of becoming a mated pair, and the next thing you know, they are, even though they never really decided it was going to happen while you were reading.

There is also the issue of not knowing what the main character is thinking. In 3rd person you should either be omniscient or limited, i.e. following a character, and if following a character, you would be in their head, know what they know, and see things from their point of view.

This doesn’t happen. Instead the character and her best female friend know things before you do, which you find out in conversations they have. This could work, except those events were supposed to happen while you were reading, not in the past.

Not to mention that previous actions were so confusing I wasn’t even aware that the events had occurred in order for other things to happen.

***If this is confusing, I’ll write a spoiler below to explain the exact situation. Which will make more sense instead of trying to talk around it. ***

Overall I think this is a good story that needs some work from a decent editor in order to be really great. Would I recommend people read it? Maybe. Certainly after it’s been cleaned up a bit.



So basically the main character falls in love, though it’s never clear whether or not they actually mate because the characters think about it, but there isn’t much indication that they actually do anything other than talk about it.

Then later the MC is chatting with her friend and we learn that the MC is pregnant, and has been for a while. That is something we should have known, not something that was revealed to us through a conversation. I felt like I was being kept at a distance from the main character, and it broke me out of the story continuously. Not to mention there being no clear definition to Ava’s choices (is she going to see her friend, or going home).

At one point, a character dies at the end of a chapter. Then he is alive again in the next chapter, and everyone acts perfectly fine about it for PAGES before there is any explanation, and the explanation is that there is no explanation.

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Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua 2015

Hi all!

I’m posting this for a friend of mine, who is trying to get help on a project.  Tasha is a remarkable young girl who is using crowdrise to raise funds for a high school in Nicaragua.

Hi! My name is Anastasia Petrik, but I usually go by Tasha. I’m a senior in high school, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have the educational opportunities I have had. I have been able to take not only high school classes, but also college classes at different universities. This access to education has been instrumental in my personal development. Sadly, not everyone has this access. San Juan del Sur’s Free High School provides free education to those who are otherwise unable to attend school. Unfortunately, their current campus is less than ideal, and often prevents progress academically and socially. I am fundraising for Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua because I want to afford others the opportunities that made me who I am. Please help me, either by donating or by spreading the word. Thank you so much.


In Nicaragua, being born in a rural community often precludes access to high school education and all the opportunities in life that come with it, especially for women. Many rural families practice subsistence farming and do not generate enough income to meet their basic needs even excluding education. These and other individuals such as women who are pregnant or have children, anyone over 18, and people who must work during weekdays are excluded from regular schools.

The Free High School of San Juan del Sur gives these students a chance at secondary education and a better life. In 2012, Random Acts fundraised to help them purchase a bus. Now, we are taking on a much bigger dream: a Center for Human Development which will serve as a campus for the Free High School. Without their own campus, the Free High School students are second class citizens in the eyes of the state, their community, and even themselves. These older adolescents and adults squeeze themselves into elementary school desks and chairs every Saturday, they have very little access to a computer lab that’s far away, and they are treated as lower class students; the discountable.

It’s time to give these deserving students a beautiful campus of their own, complete with a library and a computer lab. Doing so not only gives the school a home, but also teaches the students – some for the first time in their lives – that they are equal to their peers, and valued citizens of the world.

Please join us in turning this dream into reality!

The first 25 people who raise $5,000 on this Crowdrise page between now and July 31st, along with one lucky drawing winner, will be able to join Misha Collins* and the Random Acts team on the trip of a lifetime to San Juan del Sur this November 20-28. Click the “Fundraise for this Campaign” button to get started!

For more details about the Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua project, including requirements for joining the trip, please visit our Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua website.

If you’re interested in helping Tasha out, please check out the crowdrise page here:

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